Collected Keepsakes is the sole property of Christine Graves (me). The ideas, articles, and most other things found on this site are my own. Most pictures on this site will be those that I have taken myself. If images are obtained from other sources, I will do everything in my power to make sure that proper attributes will be added.

There may be, at times, affiliate links or other types of monetary-driven advertising. This site will maintain a "G" rating  for the most part, however there may be times when outside advertisers will add something I have no control over.

Though I am an avid collector, I do not see myself as--or claim to be--an expert in this field. I will do whatever research needed to ensure I'm bringing the most factual information possible. I will not promote anything I find offensive or distasteful.

If at any time I begin to accept guest posts, I will happily add the author's name, website, and a short bio. If this site ever gets to that point, it will be because of those who came along to read and enjoy the information. This will be my way of paying it forward.

Over time, I will be updating this page to comply with proper blogging etiquette.

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